Your Relationship is Important to Us All

Hello and welcome,

Every aspect of life involves some form of relationship: at work, play and, most importantly, at home.

When our home relationships are successful we show it by reflecting that success throughout our other relationships. So the quality of the home relationship contributes to the quality of life for all of us.

That’s why your relationship is important to us all.

And that’s why I devote a good part of my in-person and telephone practice to relationship counselling.

A bit about me

My name is Christopher Coulson and I’ve been working as a relationship counsellor for over 30 years.

Christopher J. Coulson. Marriage and Relationship Counsellor

Christopher J. Coulson

My approach to counselling has been developed and tested in both the USA and the UK.

It is a highly positive approach that can lead deeply troubled couples to regroup and rediscover both themselves and each other.

I offer a free exploratory interview to couples or individuals who want to find out more.

The goal for relationship counselling and its benefits

My goal as a counsellor is a simple one – to work with you so you may minimize the stress and maximize the benefits of your marriage or other form of relationship.

The benefits of relationship counselling are many and varied. By creating an atmosphere in which mutual growth and respect are honoured, it can help to improve:

  • the emotional quality of the relationship so that each person’s daily happiness is enhanced;
  • the financial basis of the relationship. Greater contentment equates to greater financial stability. It also saves the extreme expense of a divorce or separation.
  • the physical quality of the relationship. This can be expressed both through a more satisfying sex life and also through the greater level of fitness and lower incidence of illness that happy couples display;
  • the mentally stimulating quality of the relationship. The security of a sound relationship fosters an environment in which creativity and innovative thinking can thrive;
  • the spiritual quality of a relationship. While not a requirement for all, those who wish to develop a spiritual aspect to their lives can do so far more effectively and profoundly when their partner is collaborating with them.

Occasionally, the best path forward may mean that counselling helps you design a constructive and emotionally-sustainable divorce.

More often, it will lead to a new awareness of yourselves and each other and will open the doors to a richer relationship.

Benefiting from crisis 

Creating this growth can sometimes be easier said than done.

A great wave can seem overwhelming but is not necessarily real.

Sometimes the waves are just on the surface and may even be imaginary.

After all, clients typically don’t approach me until they’re experiencing some form of crisis.

However, they often find that the crisis is a bit like the surface of the sea in a storm.

The waves are cruel and the movement is harsh and nauseating, but the underlying current is stable and determined.

Once they realise the illusory nature of the threat, they are able to move on to a richer, more creative future than they had experienced in the past.

Take the next step

You can find out more about me and my approach on this web site. Contact me with any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

However, the best way to assess whether I might be the right relationship counsellor for you is for you to interview me.

Simply ‘phone or email me to set up a free exploratory interview. There’s no obligation. The details are here: Free Interview.

I look forward to hearing from you.