What is your Essential Relationship Style?

Dynamic Relationship Coaching: Personal Predisposition Test

The Dynamic Relationship Coaching Questionnaire that follows was devised by Daniel Eckstein Ph.D. and published as the “#1 Priority Questionnaire” in “The Family Journal”, October 2002.

It is designed to help you and those you work and live with to understand your interactions more profoundly. It will reveal the way in which you are each predisposed to approach the world and the people in your life.

The order of priorities revealed by the questionnaire is unlikely to change much over your lifetime. However, the intensity and rigidity of their impact can be hugely modified through Dynamic Relationship Coaching.

Take the test and have your partner(s) take the test as well. Then visit “DRC Essential Relationship Style Theory” for an explanation of your findings.

How to take the Questionnaire

The questionnaire consists of twenty personal statements. Use the radio buttons with each question to select your choice of how closely that statement applies to you. The scale runs from 1, not at all true, to 5, absolutely true.

When you’ve answered all the questions, hit the “Get test results” button.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. If you would like to explore the possibility that Dynamic Relationship Coaching may be of benefit to your love or work partnership, please use the contact form or call to schedule a free introductory interview in person or online.

————– The Personal Relationship Style Test —————————————-

For each of the statements below, indicate which you find most accurately describes your view, and to what extent.

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1.I would typically describe myself as being an easygoing person. *
2.I would describe myself as being a considerate person. *
3.There are actors and there are reactors; I describe myself as an action-oriented actor rather than a more passive reactor *
4.I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable in many areas of my life. *
5.It is important for me to avoid stress whenever possible. *
6.I often volunteer for projects. *
7.I have often been described as a ‘back seat driver’. *
8.I frequently feel overwhelmed, overresponsible, and/or overinvolved in various activities in our home. *
9.I ‘play it safe’ rather than taking risks when the outcome is in doubt. *
10.I get anxious when others do not approve of my actions. *
11.I have good organizational skills. *
12.Feeling unappreciated and unvalued are sources of stress for me. *
13.I seldom volunteer for a new project. *
14.l often withhold my true feelings if I think other people would disapprove of me. *
15.I avoid being humiliated whenever possible. *
16.Being viewed as competent is important to me. *
17.I mind my own business. *
18.I am good at knowing what other people want and need. *
19.I am more of a planner than a spontaneous person. *
20.I like being the winner in various games I play. *