Relationship Assessment Tests

These assessments will open some insights into your own way of being to help you see yourself from another’s point of view.

What for? Because knowing how to maintain and improve a partnership starts with knowing more about our individual selves.

Of course, if both you and your partner take the tests you will have lots to discuss. They will reveal some of the deep-seated reasons that help you form your bond – and some of the factors that act in a contrary manner.

Your Relationship Style Test 

This test can show you what you need to look for in a partner – and what can lead to constant clashes if not understood. Its conclusions reveal your strategy for working with the world.

How Good a Collaborator are You?

How Good a Collaborator is your Partner?

The two Collaboration Assessment tests measure the same broad set of capabilities and qualities but from two different perspectives: yours and your partner’s. If both of you take both tests (roughly one minute per test) you will find you have a rich source of material to trigger discovery and discussion between you. This process can be highly enlightening so be prepared for some surprises!

Eysenck’s Personality Inventory (EPI)

The EPI is a self-report personality test that’s valid for adolescents and adults. It originally comprised 57 yes–no questions designed to measure two of Eysenck’s dimensions—extraversion and neuroticism—and includes a Lie scale intended to detect response distortion.

If, after you’ve done some testing, you’d like to explore more about the fascinating human (that’s you) behind your results, contact me using the form below.