How Good a Collaborator are You? Take the Quiz!

Our motivation to collaborate is a good indicator of our overall commitment to any given relationship. When we are excited about the goals and enthusiastic about our partner we often find ourselves ‘going the extra mile’ with them.

Our skill at collaborating is also a factor in the outcome of our joint ventures. Some of us are resistant to collaborating for reasons that have nothing to do with our present partner.

We can help ourselves and them by learning what effective collaboration looks like and what steps we need to follow to achieve our individual as well as joint goals.

The two tests on collaboration measure the same broad set of capabilities and qualities but from two different perspectives: yours and your partner’s. If both of you take both tests (roughly one minute per test) you will find you have a rich source of material to trigger discovery and discussion between you. This process can be highly enlightening so be prepared for some surprises!

Before taking the test, try to imagine yourself in a situation with your partner that is a bit stressful but not overwhelming. Perhaps a sudden major household expense has been incurred; or maybe you’ve become lost as you drive to a friend’s new home.

Afterwards, you can find the How Good is Your Partner at Collaborating? quiz here.