Evaluation Interview with No Charge or Obligation

No two counselors or coaches are remotely similar in personality or skill. Trying to work with the wrong person can incur a high cost that can be measured in time, money, emotional energy and even your relationship itself.

Your choice of practitioner is crucial. Yet there is no external way to assess the quality of relationship you might experience with potential practitioners.

Counselors’ labels may be similar but their acceptability to clients can vary enormously.

To help remove the risk of a damaging encounter, I consider it to be best practice to offer a free initial interview so that you – with or without your partner – may safely gather the information you need to make an informed decision.

I make no charge for this time because the interview protects both of us from making a faulty investment:

  • it makes it easier for you to ask wide-ranging questions without feeling you are wasting money that should be going on counseling;
  • it makes it easier for me to respond without feeling I should really be concentrating on counseling rather than informing.

In this way, the most you have to lose is the time and thought you put into the interview.

At the end of our talk you should be armed with valuable facts and an experience base that you can use as you continue in your selection process. You may also have gained some useful insights into your relationship.

After the interview

For those who eventually decide to work with me, the interview has the benefit of accelerating the start of our relationship counseling. This helps to ensure a rapid return on your investment in the work.

Just email me using the form below and we’ll set up the appointment.

I look forward to meeting with you.